1.      PVC plastics are obtained from Vinyl chloride by the process of


2.      When steam is blown over white- hot coke, we get

                          Water gas

3.      Name the hydrocarbon containing three carbon atoms


4.      Which of the following gives the percentage of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere?


5.      Which of the following substance consists of only one element?


6.      Most soluble in water is                       


7.      This of the following metal is not found in nature?


8.      Which material is commonly known as ‘Terylene’?

                              Synthetic fibre

9.      The best conductor of heat among liquid is……


10.  Avogadro’s law is applicable to…………….

11.  Sugar contains.............


12.  The element required for solar energy conversion is………


13.  How many elements occur in nature?


14.  Potassium Nitrate is used in


15.  When sugar is treated with sulphuric acid we get a very pure form of:


16.  Carbon dating method is used to determine the age of ……

17.  Water for civil supplies is commonly purified by:           


18.  Of the following gems, which one is called “liquid gold”?


19.  Which is the gas used for lifting airships and balloons up into the air?


20.  The boiling point of water on the Kelvin scale of temperature is…..


21.  Lead pencil consists of

                 Clay and graphite

22.  The relative density of gold is


23.  Which chemical element has the atomic number 1?

24.  Every battery has……….terminals.


25.  Hydrogen has………isotopes


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