1.      The fungus that produces alcohol is:


2.      Mulberry growing is associated with:


3.      Which is the plant that uses insects as food?

                         Pitcher plant

4.      The female part of the flower is callcd………..


5.      Coconut water contains a hormone called………..


6.      The male reproductive part of the flower is……

7.      The age of a tree can be calculated by:

                      The number of its annual rings

8.      Which of the following is an example of an adventitious root?


9.  To which category does onion belong?


10.  The part of cinchona plant which yields quinine is

11.  What natural organism is used to obtain litmus dye, used as an indicator in                       Chemistry?                                                                                         


12.  TX D and x Tdenote:

                    Hybrid variety of coconut

13.  From which part of the plant is turmeric obtained?


14.  Opium is produced from


15.  Cocoa tree is the soirĂ©e of natural chocolate flavour which part of the tree is the source?

16.  This of the chemical is directly responsible for the shedding of a leaf from a plant?
                       Iodole- 3-acetic acid

17.  Transport of food from lea yes to other parts of plants of plants is termed as………..


18.  Fungi are plants that lack

19.  The tallest tree in the world

                         Red wood

20.  What kind of an animal is a sea horse?


 21.  Blood of Cockroach is ………..


22.  The beaks of birds are modified form of ……..


23.  Which cell organelle is called “digestive bags”?


24.  Excretory organs of insects are

                     Malpighi an tubes

25.  Animals that creep are called………


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