1.      Hydrogen bomb is based on:

                          Nuclear fusion
 2.      What is a positively charged ion called?


3.      When a green leaf is seen in red light its co lour will be:


4.      Most of the light inside a tube light is in the form of

                      Ultraviolet light

5.      Energy is measured in the same unit as:

6.      Which of the following are most penetrating?

                       Beta Rays

7.      Most of the light inside a tube light is in the form of

                         Ultraviolet light

8.      A bubble of water shines because of

                     Total internal reflection

9.      The co lour of light is determined by its


10.  The speed of light will be minimum while passing through


11.  Co lour in thin soap film seen during day time is due to

                           Interference of light

12.  The pressure of the atmosphere is_________mm of mercury at the sea level.         


13.  If a magnet is heated, its magnetism will

                         Be lost

14.  Of the following thing things, which one works with air pressure?


 15.  In summer, the clocks

                   Become slow

16.  What drives a nail into wood when stuck by hammer?


17.  Periscope is used in the:


18.  The number of oscillations per second is called


19.  Who propounded the Uncertainty Principle’ in Physics?

                         Water expands on freezing

20.  What makes a liquid drop spherical?

                       Surface tension

21.  Which among the following electromagnetic radiations has the highest wavelength?

                    Radio waves
22.  Who discoverer that water exerts equal pressure in all directions?

                        Blaise Pascal

23.  Who discovered that an electric current has a magnetic field?             

                    Hans Christian Ousted
24.  Cooking gas contains more than 90%


25.  The content of the LPG cylinder is in the form of


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