1.      The sugar of human breast milk is……………


2.      The chief nitrogenous waste product in the human urine is:


3.      Cataract, a disease of the eye is due to:

                               Lens turning opaque

4.      In human body, rotator cuff muscle is to be found in the:


5.      Of the following functions, which one is not done with tongue?

                             Tearing food

6.      Which acid is present in the stomach of a human being?

                             Hydrochloric acid

7.      At what age does the brain reach 90% of its adult weight?

                               At 6 years

8.      In a normal adult man the daily urine output in liters on an average is………


9.      The length of Spinal cord is……….cm


10.  Which of the following considered as the ‘brain of a cell’?


11.  Which bone supports your weight when you sit?

12.  Human foetus respires by……..


13.  ……….is the biggest Vein in the human body.

                             Vena Cava

14.  Which one of the following types of sex-chromo somas represents a male human being?


15.  Which of the following is an excretory organ of man?

                               Alimentary canal

16.  Which one of the following disease is caused due to defective genes?


17.  Which from the following is considered be good cholesterol?


18.  Jejunum is the part of:

                             Small Intestine

19.  ……….are substance that regulate the chemical action in our body


20.  What is the main function of insulin in the human body?

                              To control the level of sugar in the body

21.  Ultra filtering unit of Kidney is known as………..


22.  Which of the following help human body fight against infection?

                              White Blood Cells

23.  Which of the following parts/tissues of the body can be safely transplanted in the body of another person be safely transplanted in the body of another person without any problem of rejection or reaction?


24.  Which organ is J-shaped in the human body?


25.  Autopsy is connected with


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