1.      Which of the following creatures have compound eyes?


2.      An exam pie of an amphibian is…………


3.      In ‘Scorpion’, poison is poesnt in the:


4.      Which of the following organism is not a single celled?


5.      Which of the following creatures have metamorphosis?


6.      Which feature is not present in amoeba?

7.      In which country was the cat first domesticated?


8.      Which of the following organisms has no blood but respires?


9.      ………….is called the ‘South American ostrich’


10.  The layer of fat found below the skin of whales is known as……..


11.  Amoeba moves with the help of……….


12.  The source of oxygen for fish living at the bottom layer of the sea is:

                                           Air sacs in the abdomen

13.  Which of the following creatures is not purely aquatic?


14.  Which animal has become the symbol of the practice of medicine?


15.  Mammals are

                                         Warm blooded

16.  Which of these animals require only two hours of sleep?


17.  The sound producing organ in birds is ………..

18.  The function of tongue in snakes is to

                                            Detect the food

19.  Hormones are normally absent in


20.  Which is the only animal with four knees?
                                          The Elephant

21.  Which is the natural enemy of an elephant?


22.  In an adult human being what percentage of the total body weight is comprised of skeleton?

23.  The smallest joint is ………

                              Middle ear

24.  Wrist bones are called……..


25.  The bones of fingers are:


26.  The part which attaches a muscle to bone is


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