1.      Tibia is a bone found in the……….


2.      Medulla oblongata is a part of human


3.      Which system plays crucial role in the spread of cancer to different parts of the human body?

                  Lymphatic system

4.      Haversian canals are found in:


5.      Food is mainly digested in:

                  Small intestine

6.      ……….teeth is used for biting and cutting the food.

7.      Which of the following is a communicable disease?


8.      Glycogen is mainly stored in……

                 Liver and Muscles

9.      The virus of AIDS affects the growth of:

                 T cells in blood

10.  What is used for viewing the internal organs of a human body?


11.  ………..test is used to find the presence of fats.

                  Emulsion test

12.  Which organ of the body contains acid strong enough to dissolve metal?


13.  The name given to the disease of the eye, caused by increased tension within the eyeball is:


14.  What is the mankind’s oldest known chronic disease?


15.  Oncogene is responsible for…….


16.  Which of the following is associated with AIDS?


17.  The outermost layer of the eye seen as the ‘white of the eye’ is named as:

18.  The sinking of the embryo into the wall of the uterus is known as….


19.  The nucleus of a living cell contains long, thin strands called……..


20.  Which one of the following techniques can be used to established the paternity of child?

                 Quantitative analysis of DNA

21.  Which of the following is an example of tissue?


22.  Which one of the following diseases is genetically linked?

                   Co lour blindness

23.  Thalassaemia is a disease caused by:

                  Defective gene

24.  In which human body part would you find alveoli?


25.  Which main sensory part or organ has and cone cells?

                    The Nose

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