1.      Which one of the following is a non conventional source of energy?

                         All of the above

2.      Nuclear fusion reactions reactions require very high temperature so as to overcome

                        Coulomb forcer

3.      Permanent magnets can be made from

4.      What type of image is formed on a film in a camera?

                        A real image

5.      Who propounded the quantum theory?

                        Max Planck
6.      An object weighs maximum in


7.      Electric bulbs are filled with………gas.


8.      Photographs of very distant objects are possible by……..

                         Infrared rays

9.      What is the source of electric energy in an artificial satellite?

                        Solar cells

10.  Transmission of heat takes place very quickly by


11.  The hydraulic brakes used in automobiles are a direct application of…………

                      Pascals law

12.  The luster of diamond is due to………

                      Total internal reflection

13.  Ultraviolet rays are absorbed by………


14.  Which one of the following is the most effective carrier of information?
                     Optical fibres.

15.  The spring balance works on the principle of…..

                     Hooke’s law
16.  The process of adding certain impunities in the crystal structure of a semi conductor so as to improve its conductivity is called-------

17.  We can not hear sounds less than……….frequency.


18.  Which of the following metals has higher conductivity of heat?


19.  The most harmful radiations for man are:


20.  The present telegraph code was introduced by:


21.  Light consists of tiny packets of energy called---


22.  The light energy of the sun comes from:

                         Fusion reaction

23.  In a nuclear reactor, one of the following is used as fuel:


24.  Which type of mirror is used by dentists to concentrate light on the tooth to be examined?


25.  The particle which is supposed to travel faster than light is:


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