1.      A test-tube baby means, fertilization of the ovum and development taking place in the

                 Test tube

2.      The inner dack surface of the eye is called


3.      The compound used in anti –malarial drug is;


4.      Which part of the body is affected by drinking alcohol?


5.      BCG vaccination is to be given to anew born child

                   Within 48 hrs

6.      On the average, what percentage of the human body was the element of oxygen?


7.      Which element is present in fats?


8.      Which of the following diseases are sexually transmitted?

                   All of these

9.      Reflex action goes not involve in:


10.  Which of the following can be seen when enlarged?


11.  Pea size gland is:


12.  The hormone which promotes blood circulation is:


13.  Brain, nerves and spinal cord form part of

                     Nervous system

14.  Which of these vaccines is latest?

15.  Who was the first known Gupta Ruler?

                   Sri Gupta

16.  The Eight fold path was propounded by:


17.  Rajasthan and Pahari School were famous for


18.  Which Maurya ruler is known as ‘Amitraghata?’


19.  The Gandhara art was the fusion of which two cultures?

                   Indian and Greek

20.  Who among the following Mughal emperors displayed secular policies towards Hindus?


21.  Siladitya’ was the original name of:


22.  Ajanta paintings depict sconces from the:

                   Jataka tales

23.  Senath’s Lion Capital is attributed to:


24.  Which temple got the name of Black Pagoda?

                   Sun temple

25.  With which religion is the Dilwara temple at Mount Abu concerned?


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