1.      The largest joint in the human body is:


2.      Knee bone is called


3.      Alignment joins

                           Bone to bone

4.      The thigh bone is known as:


5.      The collarbone is called:


6.      Of the following human bones tall which one is of neck?


7.      The human skeleton is made up of

                          Bones, cartilages and ligaments

8.      In which form is energy stored in the body?


9.      Where would you find the metatarsal bones?


10.  Which tissue acts as strong inextensible attachment of skeletal muscles to bones’?


11.  …………is the hardest substance of the body


12.  Of the following vitamins, which one is made by the human body?


13.  Which disease is due to uncontrolled growth of harmful cells in the body?


14.  Where does image form in the eye?

15.  Whrer would you find bundle of His?


16.  Where is the ‘Atlas’ bone in the human body located?


17.  Of the following parts, which one is not that of the brain?


18.  The energy for the contraction of muscle is derived from the combustion of……


19.  Element that is not found in blood is:


20.  Where in the human body would you find Ilium?

                        Near the hip

21.  Name the tube which connects the middle ear with the back of the throat

                         Eustachian tube

22.  What is the major substance making up the human body?


23.  What is biochemical reaction in the body known as?

                          Metabolic reactions

24.  Which of the following sensory nerve is responsible to defect touch in skin?

                          Mesmer’s corpuscles
25.  Approximately how many sperm are needed to fertilize an egg?


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