1.      Which of the following element is common to all acids?


2.      Which of following gas is used in refrigerator?


3.      Which state of matter contains tightly packed molecules or atoms?


4.      Which of the following forms of coal has the highest carbon content?


5.      Which element helps the growth and development of bones?


6.      Which of   the following metals forms an amalgam with other metals?


7.      Which is the acid produced on a large scale for use in various industries?

                             Sulphuric acid

8.      The main constituents of biogas are

                            Methane and Carfon-dixide

9.      The metal that is present in photo films is


10.  The gas used in manufacture of vanaspati from vegetable oil is……..


11.  Chemical name of water glasses

                          Sodium silicate

12.  Deep blue co lour is imparted to glass by presence of


13.  Red co lour is imparted to glass by the presence of

                          Copper oxide

14.  What is considered to be an important solvent?


15.  Which mineral is the source for school chalk?                


16.  Urea is prepared by the chemical reaction of

                     Ammonia and Carbon dioxide

17.  Aviation fuel for Jet aero planes consists of purified


18.  Soap is prepared by boiling caustic soda with


19.  Element that does not occur in nature but can be produced artificially is……….


20.  What kind of material is a superconductor of electricity?


21.  Which substance is popularly known as ‘Super liquid’?

                        Liquid Helium

22.  Which of the following is a halogen?


23.  The International Rice Research Institute is located in


24.  Pineapple is a…………..

                        Collection of fruits

25.  What drug does Tobacco contain?

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