• Morphology is a branch of botany which deals with the study of external form and structure of plants.
  • The hormone present in coconut water is cytokinin.
  • Chemotropism means plant’s growth in response to a chemical.
  • I. R-8, Aswathy, Annapurna, Jaya, Rohini, Triveni, and Karthika are the hybrid varieties of rice.
  • H-97 and H-165 are the hybrid varieties of Tapioca.
  • Tomatoes originated in South America and are sometimes called ‘love apples ‘.It’s scientific name is Lycopersicon esulentum.
  • Phloem is a conducting tissue in plants, which is meant for the conduction of food material.
  • Xylem is a vascular tissue in plants, meant for the conduction of water and mineral salts.
  • Auxin is plant hormone.
  • Cellulose is natural polymer occurring in the walls of plant cells.
  • Sclerenchyma is a dead mechanical tissue. It gives rigidity and strength to the plants body.
  • Phototropism –Tendency of plants to grow towards the source of light.
  • Geotropism –Tendency of plants grow in response to the stimulus of gravity.
  • Hydrotropism-Tendency of plants to grow in response to the stimulus of water.
  • Gregor Johann Mendel- (1822-1884) an Australian botanist and monk formulated the basic theory of heredity.
  • Mitochondria are the Power-house of a cell.
  • Eucalyptuses are the most common type of trees in Australia Australians refers to eucalyptus as ‘gum trees’.
  • Red data book is a collection of endangered species of wild animals and plants.
  • The largest living tree is a giant sequoia called “General Sherman”. It is 274 ft tall and 103 ft round its base.
  • The development of the fruit without fertilization is called parthenocarpy. E.g. orange, grape, apple.
  • Alkaloid present in tea is Theine.
  • The name Bougainvillea comes from Louis Antoine de Bougainville, an admiral in the French Navy who discovered the plant in Brazil in 1768.
  • Alkaloid present in coffee is Caffeine.
  • Cotton is known as the ‘miracle hair’
  • A plant with a single leaf –Amorphophallus
  • A plant propagated by leaf –Bryophyllum
  • Cotton fiber is made up of Cellulose.
  • Cabbage is called the ‘pride of India’
  • The oldest plant on earth is ferns.
  • The plant kingdom is divided into four groups.
  • Pollination effected by bats is called chiropteriphyly.
  • Crescograph was invented by Jagadish Chandra Bose.
  • Bribal Sahni is India’s well known Palaeobtanist.
  • Carrots’ are beneficial in the treatment of eczema.
  • Fruit tissues of the olive tree contaiains olive oil.
  • Eucalyptus leaves produces eucalyptus oil.
  • Most plant drugs are alkaloids.
  • When a plant bears both male and female flowers, most plant drugs are alkaloids.
  • The yellow pigment present in maize is zca xanthin.          

Entomophily  :           pollinated by insects e.g. salvia, crotalaria, bougainvillea, lotus,
tube rose, roses
Anemophily   :           palliated by water e.g. maize, bamboo, pine,
Hydrophily     :           pollinated by water e.g.hydrilla, vallisneria, coconut.
Ornithopily    :           pollinated by birds e.g. silk cotton
Zoophily         :           pollinated by animals e.g. coral tree, silk cotton tree, raised, apple.

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