General knowledge (GK)

1. Who is the king assumed the little “vikramadithya”?

     Chandragupta II

2. On which river is the sardar sarovar dam?


3. What is called the naval air station in Andaman Islands?

     INS Utkarsh

4. Which is country leads in the production of rubber in the world?


5. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and ______________?

     Chromium and Nickel

6. The term “breaststroke” is associated with which sports item?


7. By which means the disease sappiness encephalitis spread?

      Rat flea

8. Which writer is known as “Uroob”?

      P.C Kuttikrishnan

9. Deficiency of which among the following does cause the disease Goiter?


10. The light of asia is known as ___________?


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