POSTAL SYSTEM, The postal system has been existence in India since 1296
The first Postage Stamp of the world the 'Penny Black' came into use on 6 May 1840 in Great Britain. Brazil was the second country to issue stamps. The first Indian Pictorial stamp was issued in 1931 on the occasion of the inauguration of New Delhi. Indian postal Network is the largest postal network in the world. The country has 1,54,866 post office at precent. The first postage stamp was issued in Karachi in1852 valid only in Sind province. Its name is 'Scinde Dawks'. The speedpost service was introduced on 1 August 1986.

The postal system has been existence in India since 1296. The Pathan ruler, Alauddin Khilji had a horse and foot postal organization to receive regular news of the conditions and progress of his army. There are 8 postal zone in India. PIN Code system was introduced in India in 1972. The Mumbai general post office is the largest post office in India. The Money order services was introduced in1880. The Head post office at Sanasad Marg New Delhi is the first computerized post office in India. The first postal training center and Postal Training established at Sharanpur, UP on April 2, 1951. First post office outside the country set up by India was at Dakshin Gangotri in Antarctica. PIN Postal index number the system was introduced in 1972.

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