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1.Name the Indian born Amerce physicist, whose studies led to the invention of optical fiber?

Answer: Narinder Singh Kampany

2.Which entity has instituted the international Women of Courage Award for better promotion of women s rights?

Answer: United States Department of State

3.Who founded the What Sapp Messenger in 2009?

Answer: Brian Acton and Jan Koum

4.Which cities in India and Pakistan are separated by the Waugh border?

Answer: Amritsar and Lahore

5.Work like a bull, but live like a hermit- Whose words are these?

Answer: B. R. Ambedkhar

6.Marathi award is presented for the contributions to which field?

Answer: Global Peace

7.Which state government s secretariat building is known as The Writers Building?

Answer: West Bengal

8.Name the prize instituted by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India to promote original Hindi books wiring on Environment related subjects?

Answer: Medini Puraskar

9.Which country is the leading solar power producer in the world?

Answer: Germany

10The measurement of the combustion quality of diesel fuel during compression ignition is known as -----------?

Answer: Cetane Number

11.Which is the headquarters of the East Coast Railway Zone?

Answer: Bhubaneswar

12.Which cities are connected by the Godavari Express?

Answer: Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad

13.Which Upanishad contains the words Uttishthata Jakarta Prapya Varna Nibodhata (Arise, Awake and Stop not till the Goal is Reached)?


14.Which community development scheme in India Was also known as Mazdoor Manzil?

Answer: Nilokheri Experiment

15.In a speech to the Constituent Assembly of India on March 8, 1948 which leader has stated that External affairs will follow internal affairsI indeed there is no basis for external affairs if internal affairs go wrong?

Answer: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

16.Which village in Uttarakhand is known as Last Indian Village?

Answer: Mana

17.Which chemical has the nickname of Water glass?

Answer: Sodium Silicate

18.Which is the first Knowledge Village of India?

Answer: Handlebar in Haryana

19.Who wrote My Brief History?

Answer: Stephen Hawking

20.Which chemical is also known in the names of Smithson and Zinc spar?

Answer: Zinc carbonate

21.Which European capital city is on the banks of the D’Amboise River?

Answer: Bucharest (Romania)

22.What are Huron Ian Cryogen Ian Andean –Saharan and Karoo in relation with the past of the Earth?

Answer: Ice Ages

23.Which desert in Australia is popularly known as Big Red?

Answer: Simpson Desert

24.Which is known as the Sunshine State of Australia?

Answer: Queensland

25.Which cereal grain s different cultivars are Bowman Celebration, Golden premise Excel Trophy and pioneer?

Answer: Barley

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