• Which vitamin acts as a strong antioxidant?
       Vitamin C
  • Which Sikh is also called ‘The Second Nanak’?
       Guru Angad
  • Where is the famous Tipu Sultan Masjid Situated?
  • Which Indian city has the nickname of Sans Kari Magari or the Cultural City?
  • Which war was fought between the Portugal and a combined force of Turkey, Egypt, and Venice the Republic of Ragusa and the Sultan of Gujarat Mahmud Beaded?
       Battle of Diu (1509)
  • Across which river is the Ujjain dam in Maharashtra built?
       Baima River
  • Which national leader had the title of Lokapria (Loved by all)?
       Goliaths Bordoloi
  • Which Indian city is also known in the names of City of Eastern Light and Gateway of the North- East India?
  • Which writer’s famous work is Fire on the Mountain?
       Anita Desai

  • Which is the richest award in children’s literature?
       Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (Sweden)
  • Who is credited with the invention of the modern two-man beach volleyball game?
       Paul Johnson (USA)
  • What is the name of the scientific study of dreams?
  • What is the name of the mental disorder characterized by a breakdown in thinking and poor emotional responses?
  • Which chemical is widely used in no radioactive treatment?
       Potassium iodide
  • Which chemical is the most widely used drain cleaner in the world?
       Sodium Hydroxide
  • Which chemical has the nickname of The White Caustic’?
       Sodium Hydroxide
  • The Dutch multinational company Akzo Nobel is active in the field of ……..?
       Decorative panits
  • Which British statesman made the famous speech of ‘Nabob of Argot’s Debts in 1785, condemning the damage done unto Lndia by the East India Company?
       Edmund Burke
  • Name the famous fictional character created by New York based pulp writer Johnston McCauley?
  • Which animal’s scientific name is Vulpes Vulpes?
       Red fox
  • What kind of animal is ‘Dingo’ found mainly in Australia?
  • The official residence of which country’s Governor General is known as Yarralumla’?
  • Which celestial body’s geological periods are named as Pre-Noachian, Noachian, Hesperian and Amazonian periods?
  • Which is the prominent type of cloud found in the atmosphere of Mars?
       Cirrus Clouds
  • Which Hindi writer is referred to as the Great Scholar (Mahayanist)?
       Rahul  Sankrityayan

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