• International Mother Language Day was observed on…….?
February 21
*On this date in 1952, students demonstrating for recognition of Bengali (Bangla) as one of the national languages of the then East Pakistan’ were shot and killed police in Dhaka.
  • India’s oldest parliamentarian and member of the first Lok Sabha who recently retired from active politics?
Rishang Keishing
*His present term of Rajya Sabha ends in April.
  • Which language has recently got Classical Status?
  • The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) has joined hands with… create a360 degree panoramic imagery of 100nationally important monuments in India?
  • Which is the first train in India to be attached with Braille-embedded coach for visually challenged passengers?
Purushottam Express
*The train runs between Delhi and Puri.
  • Which Zoological park in India is to have the country’s first breeding centre for wild dog, Dhole?

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Vishakhapattanam.
*Dholes are classified as an endangered species by the IUCN.
  • India is to host World Bridge Championship in the year………?
  • Which movie won the Best Film award in the 2014 British Academy Film Awards?
12 Years a Slave.
*The award is commonly called BAFTA as it is presented by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.
  • The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh who resigned recently?
Kiran Kumar Reddy
  • As per the bill passed by the Lok Sabha, the Telangana state will have how many districts?
  • Which popular cinematographer and director famous for his Malayalam film Yatra Passed away on 13 February?
Balu Mahendra
  • World Day of Social Justice was observed on……?
February 20
  • The bill seeking to ensure the safety of those who expose corruption by public servants and ministers was recently passed by Lok Sabha. What is the name the bill?
Whistleblowers’ Protection Bill
  • Archana Bhargava, who recently resigned from the post, was the Chairman and Managing Director of which Bank?
Union Bank India
  • Which Indian film won the Crystal Bear for Film awarded by the Children’s Jury at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival?
*The Marathi film is directed by Avinash Arun.
  • The largest combat exercise carried out by the Indian Navy in the Bay of Bengal was named…………?
Tropex 2014
  • Which social media site announced the purchasing of the popular mobile messaging company What App?
 Face book
  • The formation of which statutory body has been approved by the Government of India to check discrimination of minority community in jobs and education?
Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC)
  • Which Norwegian biathlete has become the most successful Winter Olympian in history by winning h is 13th medal?
Ole Einar Bjorndalen
  • Viktor Yanukovych who has been ousted from power recently, was the President of which country?
*Oleskander Turchynov has been appointed as the acting president.
  • Who are the winners of the recently held Hock India League 2014?
Delhi Wave riders.
*They defeated Punjab Warriors in the final.
  • Which Indian cricketer has been named brand ambassador of Gujarat Election Commission?
Cheteshwar Punjab
  • Around 100 metric tones of radioactive water has recently been leaked from which nuclear power plant?
Fukushima (Japan)
  • Which Indian has been appointed as the president of the Administrative Tribunal of Asian Development Bank?
Lakshmi Swaminathan
  • Which country’s interim prime Minister Hazem Beblawi announced the resignation of his government?

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