Pulitzer Prize is awarded for achievements in journalism literature and musical composition in the United States. The award is established in 1917 by the publisher Joseph Pulitzer. 2014 Pulitzer award winner is Donna Tartt ( The Goldfinch )

Millennium Technology Prize is awarded once every two years for enhancing technological innovation. The award, presented by the Technongy Academy Finland is one of the richest in the world worth one million Euros.   Professor Stuart Parkin has been awarded the prize for his work in increasing the data capacity of hard drives by almost 1000 fold.

Rwandan Genocide (1994) was a mass killing of Tutsi a minority ethnic group by the Hutu majority. Within 100 days from April 7, around 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed. The country lost 20% of its population and 70% of the Tutsis then living in Rwanda.

Foldoscpe is created out of paper and a tiny spherical lens. The instrument will cost less than a dollar. It can magnify objects 2,000 times.

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