• Which is the westernmost district in India?
         Kucch (Gujarat)
  • What is measured by using a tonometer?
          Fluid pressure inside eyes
  • What is the use of a Jaeger Chart?
            To evaluate near vision
  • The production of which form of energy was referred to as ‘White Coal’?
  • Which scientist was the first to work successfully with artificial tissue culture?
             Ross Granville Harrison
  • Which road in America has the famous nickname of The Great White Way?
            Broadway (Manhattan)
  • Which disease is characterized by ‘Bull neck?
  • Democracy is a device that insures we shall be governed no better than we deserve- Whose words are these?
           George Bernard Shaw
  • Who was the first winner of the United Nations Human Rights Medal?
          Nelson Mandela
  • Which was the first ever country to adopt a freedom of information act?
  • In which country is the famous Great Slave Lake situated?
  • Which India river is generally identified with the Vedic Sarasvati  river by most scholars?
  • Who is associated with the famous work of Sacred Book of the East?
            Max Muller
  • The script of which language was described as the Queen of World Scripts by Vinoba Bhave?
  • What are the constitutent elements of alcohol?
           Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen
  • Which Indian city is known as City of Pearls?
  • The Great Dark Spot and Small Dark Spot are the prominent features of which planet?
  • Which is the largest city situated on the banks of the river Ganges?
  • Who is called as the Father of the Atomic Age?
          Enrico Fermi
  • Which ancient Indian king’s period is known as the Augustan era of Sanskrit Literature?
  • Which Indian scientist’s autobiography Years of Pilgrimage?
             Raja Ramanna
  • Which sage guru from Oddiyana northwestern India was also knowm as the Second Buddha?
  • Which national leader was also known by the Teacher of the Nation?
           Surendranath Banerjee
  • As per the Monocle’s Quality of Life Survey 2013, which is world’s most liveable city?
           Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • The species of molecule or ion that can react as an acid as well as a base is known as ……………?